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    More than Romance

    By Elizabeth Goddard

    I think we can all agree that February is a great month for romance. After all, we have Valentine’s Day to celebrate. For me personally, I’m celebrating 30 years of marriage! Add to that, February 5th  my first trade-length novel, Never Let Go, was released. So, yeah, it’s an exciting month for me!

    I have a lot to be grateful for too. Plenty of blessings to count. I’ve read quite a few great reviews of Never Let Go and that means the book is finding the right audience.

    I especially appreciate hearing that the story’s deeper messages are reaching readers.

    Like this snippet.

    “The author does a great job of building strong and likable characters who are also deeply relatable, with very human fears and weaknesses. Told mainly in alternating perspectives of Willow and Austin, “Never Let Go” is a great, fast-paced romantic suspense that’s also filled with so many amazing concepts: protecting those we love; you’re not alone because God is always with you; we must use our time and gifts that God gives us; we must be deliberate with our time and with others; overcoming regret and blame; the pain and destruction of hiding secrets; we’re always connected to our roots; and God is our rock and will never leave us nor forsake us.”


    Reading that warms my heart. I long to write stories that not only entertain—romance, suspense, action and adventure—but reveal deep truths and the message of a greater love. I want to take readers deeper—the ones who want to go there, that is.

    Long after the story has ended, I want them to keep thinking about the story, the characters, and the deeper truths. I want the novel to have an impact on their lives, no matter how small. My agent’s website says, “Helping to Change the World…Word by Word.” (

    That’s it exactly. So whether you read for pure escape and entertainment or you want it all—entertainment and nuggets of truth to think about when you’ve read the last page—you’ll find those elements in Never Let Go, too. From the blurb . . .“In this fast-paced and emotional page-turner, bestselling author Elizabeth Goddard keeps the stakes high, the romantic tension sparking, and the outcome uncertain until the very end.”

    If I sound like an infomercial, remember this IS release month for Never Let Go!

    Soon, I’ll be revealing the cover for Always Look Twice, the next book in the Uncommon Justice series. I hope you’ll start reading Never Let Go now.

    As a forensic genealogist, Willow Anderson is following in her late grandfather’s footsteps in her quest for answers about a baby abducted from the hospital more than twenty years ago. The case may be cold, but things are about to heat up when someone makes an attempt on her life to keep her from discovering the truth.

    Ex-FBI agent–and Willow’s ex-flame–Austin McKade readily offers his help to protect the woman he never should have let get away. Together they’ll follow where the clues lead them, even if it means Austin must face the past he’s spent much of his life trying to forget. And even if it puts Willow’s tender heart at risk.

    In this fast-paced and emotional page-turner, bestselling author Elizabeth Goddard keeps the stakes high, the romantic tension sparking, and the outcome uncertain until the very end.

    Visit the website NEVERLETGOBOOK.COM to see purchasing options!


    Elizabeth Goddard

    Elizabeth Goddard

    With over one million books sold, Elizabeth Goddard is the bestselling, award-winning author of over forty romance novels and counting, including the romantic mystery, THE CAMERA NEVER LIES—a 2011 Carol Award winner. Four of her six Mountain Cove books have been contest finalists. Buried, Backfire and Deception are finalists in the Daphne Du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense, and Submerged is a Carol Award finalist. A 7th generation Texan, Elizabeth graduated from North Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and worked in high-level software sales for several years before retiring to fulfill her dreams of writing full-time.

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