Make It Pink!

I’ve spent many years living in a male-dominated house. The only other female in my house is a little 3kg cat called Sally. So, until recently, the most pink in my house was when dear readers, friends and family gave me all sorts of pink goodies, which I love, related to Flamingos. My good friend… Read More

Mahoney & Squire – Military Women’s Fiction – Meet The Characters

Have you met the men and women of Mahoney & Squire, my high-stakes, high-octane military action adventure series? Let me introduce you! Captain Kathryn “Kate” Mahoney, USN Call Sign “Scarlett” Ambitious, strong-willed, patriotic, and assertive, Kate Mahoney is often derided as a “bitch” by the old school naval aviation community. She struggled through dysfunctional relationships,… Read More

More books!

It’s November 2023. And I’m delighted that I have two books being published this month: my 60th and 61st traditionally published novels! One was officially published on November 7. It’s my second Alaska Untamed Mystery for Crooked Lane Books, Cry Wolf, under my first pseudonym, Lark O. Jensen. Yes, I took a pseudonym for this… Read More

Creepy or Cute—What’s Your Halloween?

My choice–Cute! So do you have a fond childhood memory of Halloween or fall in general you’d like to share? I know many people choose creepy. But I cherish happy memories of cheerful trick or treating as a child and with my children. And many people had similar memories. Here are just a few: Diane… Read More

Why I Set Ruthless Enforcer in Portland

Where you do you get your ideas? That is one of the most common questions I’ve been asked over my long career as a published author. Usually, I say everywhere and it’s true. However, when it comes to my latest release, Ruthless Enforcer, I got the idea for the setting from someplace I know very… Read More

Are you counting the days until October?

Three cheers for September, because now we’re that much closer to October, when cooler weather and autumn colors (hopefully) arrive. The start of “sweater weather” makes me so happy! How about you? Are you a summer beach  or an  autumn person? I won’t ask you about winter—here in the Upper Midwest, winters can be just… Read More

1 Burning Justice:  Behind the Scenes of a K-9 Romantic Suspense

By Tee O’Fallon At this point in my writing career, I’ve got twelve books under my belt, nine of which are K-9 romantic suspense. Each presented me with new research challenges I never expected, especially the K-9 Special Ops series. Not having any medical training, Tough Justice, the first in this series, pushed me to… Read More

Stories from The Pit

When I showed up for my first full-time shift in the emergency department, the official house of medicine had not yet recognized emergency medicine as a bona fide clinical specialty. Physicians often referred to the ER as “The Pit.” Required to maintain medical staff privileges, all doctors—regardless of training, knowledge, or experience—had to take their… Read More

Beauty Among Danger by Mary Alford

Writing suspense can be challenging. As authors, we must create a story that has just the right balance between good and evil to make the story enjoyable for our readers. In AMONG THE INNOCENT, the story features a killer from the past coming after the one victim he left behind—Leah Miller. Leah was once a… Read More

Dani Pettrey’s Release Celebration and Giveaway!

Hi friends, Today I’m celebrating the release of 14th book—The Deadly Shallows. I’m thrilled I get to spend part of it with you. In addition to The Deadly Shallows’ release, I’m also celebrating 10 years of publishing this summer. My debut novel, Submerged, came out in May of 2012. I still can’t wrap my head… Read More