Out Comes the Evil

    Alex Duggins Mystery #2

    by Stella Cameron

    Creme de la Crime

    August 1, 2016

    ISBN-10: 1780295626

    ISBN-13: 9781780295626

    Available in: Trade Size (reprint)

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    Out Comes the Evil
    by Stella Cameron

    Second in the traditional British mystery series featuring rural inn owner and amateur sleuth Alex Duggins: an intriguing departure for bestselling romantic suspense author Stella Cameron.

    Once again Alex Duggins and her veterinarian friend Tony Harrison are thrown into a major murder investigation. An almost fresh body is discovered in a disused well among the ruins of a 14th-century manor house … the motive for the killing a baffling mystery. The victim was a widow who had lived quietly in the picturesque Cotswolds village of Folly-on-Weir for the past ten years. Who on earth could want her dead, and by such brutal means?

    As rumour and speculation engulf the town, another woman is attacked — and Alex discovers that behind a tranquil face lurks a cunning and vengeful mind. Despite warnings from the police to stop interfering, she finds herself in the sights of a ruthless killer who has decided she knows too much …

    Originally published December 2015 in hardcover.