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If you know me you probably know by now that I write psychic romantic suspense under three different names:  Jayne Ann Krentz for contemporaries, Amanda Quick for historicals and Jayne Castle for my futuristic stories.

Things were going swell until I realized the horrifying truth.  The dust bunnies had taken control of my Jayne Castle world.  Send help!  Save yourself!

If you have never tried my futuristic psychic romantic suspense set on the planet Harmony you can’t begin to understand how dire the situation is here in the JayneVerse.  The dust bunnies started out as cute little side-characters, a cross between a charming cat and a loyal dog.  Sure, they have some psychic talent and as the saying goes when it comes to dust bunnies “by the time you see the teeth it’s too late” but so what?  I was the writer.  I was in charge.

It wasn’t long before I started hearing from readers. That was when it hit me. No one seemed to care about my snappy dialogue, clever plots, sexy heroes and strong, smart heroines.  Nope.  All anyone talked about was the dust bunnies.  I first noticed that they were taking control when I realized I had begun dedicating the books to various dust bunnies. The next thing I knew the critters were getting the final scenes.  They snuck in more time on the page.  And in my new release, GUILD BOSS, the starring dust bunny somehow managed to land in the first sentence on the very first page. See for yourself. Here’s the opening of GUILD BOSS:

The Lord of the Underworld showed up with the dust bunny and a pizza.

Lucy Bell figured she was probably hallucinating again. She ignored the figure looming in the arched doorway and focused on the dust bunny.

“Right on time, Otis,” she said. “I’m hungry.”

The dust bunny chortled a greeting and bounced across the glowing green quartz floor. He stopped in front of the massive quartz throne where she lounged, the black skirts of her bridesmaid dress draped over one arm of the grand chair.

She leaned down and scooped him up. Clutching his warm, fluffy body steadied her nerves and her senses. Otis, at least, was real. She risked another glance at the doorway. The Lord of the Underworld was still there. He was the one with the pizza box. Usually Otis carried it in two of his six paws.

Hades, I presume?” she said, going for cool and polite. She had discovered the hard way that strong emotions tended to exaggerate the visions, making them more intense.

Hades held out the pizza box and smiled a slow, satisfied smile. “I’ve been looking for you, Persephone.”

Why?” she asked, deeply suspicious. “I’m already in hell.”

I’m here to take you back to the surface.”

Is that right?” You had to be skeptical when it came to hallucinations. The brain was easily deceived by the heavy paranormal atmosphere in the Underworld. Best to run a test. “Let me have a slice of pizza first.”

Help yourself,” Hades said. He raised the lid of the pizza box. “Looks like cheese-and-olive.  You’re lucky the whole pizza made it to this chamber. There were several times along the way when I thought seriously of helping myself to a slice.  It’s real. I’m real, too. Gabriel Jones. Guild Security.”

See what I mean?  I think I’m doomed.  The epitaph on my tombstone will probably read “Here lies whats-her-name.  She wrote the dust bunny books”.

Otis, the dust bunny in GUILD BOSS, sends his greetings.  He hopes you will enjoy his book. One person who comments will win an Amazon or B&N gift card — readers choice.



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Jayne Ann Krentz

Jayne Ann Krentz

Jayne Ann Krentz is the author of over 50 New York Times bestsellers and has over forty million books in print. Jayne writes fast-paced suspense with a sexy edge under three pen names. If you like contemporary settings, try one of her new releases written under her Krentz name. Readers looking for a similar thrill in a historical settting go for the books she writes as Amanda Quick. And those adventurous types who prefer their suspense with a futuristic/paranormal twist read the novels she writes as Jayne Castle.

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  1. Kathy levernier says:

    OMGOSH.. I love Otis the 🐾Dust Bunny🐾🐰
    😂😅😂. We have a 🐾Chip the Bunny🐾🐰🌹
    It’s hard to figure if Chip creates dust🐰Bunnies or
    Finds them😂😅😂.
    Decades ago I found a small Dusty Bunny Lovey in a store, it had scruffy fuzzy fur looking like a dust bunny😉. Bought it for my father, since he bought my 🐾bunnies🐰 when I was a child. Have had house bunnies most of my life, husband & kid’s even the 🐾🐶dog get along😉 🎉 📚CONGRATULATIONS📚🎉 much success with your book’s

  2. kc says:

    No, Jayne, I’ve been coming back to your books for 40 years + now because of the smart, strong heroines (you saved me from the gals that die when the guy frowns at him and Thank You!) The dust bunnies are recent so they didn’t keep bringing me back. But I admit, they’re interesting characters with their own personalities! Don’t worry, we don’t buy the books just because of the dust bunnies!

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