The Black Swan Files Book 3

by Tricia Cerrone

Mystic Butterfly, Inc.

April 29, 2023

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

by Tricia Cerrone

The adventure continues, and the stake are even higher.

Jocelyn hoped to enjoy her first holidays since escaping Camp Holliwell. She has good friends, an adoring boyfriend, and a dream to become a musician. But the choice between just a girl and superhero soldier is tested to extremes.

Her brother is used as bait, her friend is kidnapped, and an army of test experiments are being trained and brainwashed by the government to be used against her and the country. Freedom, a family, a future, or even a "date night" seem impossible with the government's constant oppression. The clock is ticking as Jocelyn's own termination date looms closer. But that's nothing when faced with her little brother's rapid deterioration and her desperate attempts to recover the stolen cure. Jocelyn must navigate dangerous terrain while struggling to hold onto her humanity and her heart.

Graeme loves Jocelyn but her past stands between them and forces him and the crew to use their unique gifts to bring truth, justice, and hope to all who need it. But in a country that has lost its voice and its integrity, it's not always clear who's on their side.

As a new generation of heroes rises, a previous generation, known as The Underground, quietly surfaces to support the cause. The stakes have never been higher, but together, they'll fight for what's right to bring back the dream that's been lost, and if time allows, save a few lives and souls in the process.

NOTE TO READERS: The Award-Winning Series returns with the third, action-packed installment. When several impossible-to-predict events collide, they create a rare and often tragic event known as a Black Swan - something so new and incredible that it changes how we look at science, technology, our history - even ourselves. Jocelyn Esperanza Albrecht is one such Black Swan. What she does with her superpowers is part of her journey to becoming a new breed of superhero as she searches for her family, learns about friendship and love, and discovers what protecting her family and freedom will really cost. But with friends like hers...enemies beware! In "File 003", Jocelyn and her friends are in a fierce battle to protect their rights and gain the freedom of hundreds of teens being experimented on by the government with the very blood that runs through Jocelyn's veins.

"A thrilling adventure for all ages!" -- USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Lynne Marshall

Tricia Cerrone's Bio

Tricia Cerrone is a multi-award winning American author. By day she is a Walt Disney Imagineer, and by night, Tricia is a passionate writer and novelist, currently working on The Black Swan Files---a young adult series about a teenage girl who has the makings of a new breed of superhero. GLIMMER, the first in the series, introduces the heroine's origin story, and her quest to find her family and where she belongs. Ms. Cerrone also writes Historical Romance (for new adults, young adults, and anyone who loves epic love!) under the pen name, Trish Albright. Siren's Song and Siren's Secret in the Keepers of the Legacy series have collected a number of awards. Her most recent release, THE TIME KEEPER, is a Christmas novella that captures all the action, romance, and snappy dialogue she is known for in her other historicals. Regardless of what the time or location might be, Tricia's stories are known for their love of family, loyal friendships, dauntless heroes, and of course...heroines who know how to fight for their dreams. When not working or writing, Tricia loves exploring the world, discovering old things, learning new things, and most of all having fun with family and friends.