Song of the Starlings

by TM Clark

Wilde Press

December 1, 2023

Available in: Paperback, e-Book

Song of the Starlings
by TM Clark

In a race against time, can they hunt down one child in the vastness of Africa?

South African ex-security contractor Chrystal Booysen has officially retired to her family game stud farm after her last mission took a dark turn.

Corruption-fighting magnate Curtis Wilson hires American private investigator Rowan Zackery to rescue his daughter. But Rowan is out of his depth in Africa, and he needs Chrystal's expertise. The longer Akina is missing, the more people presume she's dead. And he doesn't want to find yet another body...

As they investigate, Chrystal grapples with the unsettling evidence that her estranged childhood friend, Mother Stella-Rose, is involved somehow in the disappearance of the children.

Akina is in the clutches of Levi Louw, an unhinged and dangerous criminal who works for Mother Stella-Rose. Driven by greed and power, he'll do anything to make a profit.

As they chase the elusive trail, can they save Akina, or will they be too late?

TM Clark's Bio

I was born in Zimbabwe, and have lived in South Africa and England, but now call Australia home. I'm married and have two sons.

When not running around after the men in my life, I get to enjoy my hobbies, which include boating, reading, sewing, travel, gardening, and lunch with my author friends, (not necessarily in that order!)

I'm passionate about different cultures and wildlife, the wilder places in the world and literacy.