Myrtle Grove Garden Club Mystery Series: Box Set Books 1-3

Myrtle Grove Garden Club Mystery

by Loulou Harrington

Indie Published

May 8, 2017

Available in: e-Book

Myrtle Grove Garden Club Mystery Series: Box Set Books 1-3
by Loulou Harrington

Welcome to Myrtle Grove, a small town nestled in the lake country of Oklahoma, where life revolves around friendship, family and Sunday dinner, and no one seems to have noticed the recent rise in the local murder rate. The founding members of the Myrtle Grove Garden Club are Jesse Camden and her mother, Sophia, who are co-owners of the Gilded Lily Tea Room and Coffee House, along with Vivian Windsor, who is Myrtle Grove's resident oil heiress and a lifelong friend of the Camden ladies.

Bonus: Recipes included in each book. Three complete books in the boxed set are:

Murder, Mayhem and Bliss (Book 1)
(originally published November 2014 in trade paperback by Deadly Niche Press and May 2017 in eBook)

When the husband of Bliss Kerr, niece of Vivian Windsor, is found dead in their pool, Jesse Camden hurries to the side of her dear friend, Vivian. As murmurs of murder grow, and Bliss's future darkens, Vivian turns to Jesse for help. With eager assistance from the Garden Club, Jesse sets out to find a killer, painfully aware she has no idea how, and failure isn't an option.

Murder Most Thorny (Book 2)
(originally published 2015 in trade paperback by Deadly Niche Press and May 2017 in eBook)

Jesse Camden's reunion with an old friend comes to a shocking halt when a tornado drops a dead body out of the sky almost on top of them. When that body proves to be her friend's ex-husband, Jesse scrambles the Garden Club together to help dig up evidence of her friend's innocence. Unfortunately, all they dig up is another dead body.

Murder on a Silver Sea (Book 3)
(originally published May 2016 in trade paperback by Deadly Niche Press and May 2017 in eBook)

A string of accidents and a wealthy dowager's fatal fall send Jesse Camden and her Garden Club bestie, Vivian Windsor, rushing to a remote island in the Salish Sea to search for a possible murderer and fulfill a promise to safeguard the small dog who inherits not only the fortune but the danger that comes with it.

Loulou Harrington's Bio

Writer, traveler, and nature enthusiast Loulou Harrington is the author of the Myrtle Grove Garden Club Mystery series. Originally a native of northwest Arkansas, Loulou now resides in the Tulsa area and spends frequent weekends wandering among the lakes and foothills of northeastern Oklahoma, the setting of her cozy series and an area she hopes her readers will enjoy as much as she does. Beginning her career as a romance novelist, she published nine contemporary romances with Harlequin, writing as Ada Steward, before succumbing to the lure of her first love: the mystery novel. First discovering Nancy Drew as a child and continuing with Miss Marple and Travis McGee as an adult, Loulou learned to appreciate the puzzle and suspense of the mystery combined with the familiar characters and settings of the recurring series. So while she still believes that into each life a little romance should fall, she has come to the opinion that it should trip over at least one dead body along the way.