Smoky Mountain Secrets Books 4-7: Christian Romantic Suspense

Smoky Mountain Secrets

by Laura Scott

Readscape Publishing, LLC

July 27, 2022

Available in: e-Book

Smoky Mountain Secrets Books 4-7: Christian Romantic Suspense
by Laura Scott

From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott

Separated by tragedy - Reunited by Love

Cooper's Choice - Will he choose family or love?

As an artist Cooper Holland instantly notices the beautiful woman going into a church, for the second time in as many days. When he discovers two men in black are after the pretty lady, he springs into action, rescuing her from danger. The rules of witness protection prevent Mia Royce from confiding in Cooper, but she has little choice when her US Marshal contact doesn't answer her calls.

Cooper helps keep Mia hidden, despite the ongoing attacks against her. Cooper offers to do whatever is necessary to keep her safe. But Mia can't ask Cooper to give up his life, despite the fact he'd already captured her heart. Will Cooper choose his foster family, or her love?

Trent's Trust - Can he trust his heart?

Lead guitarist, Trent Atkins left his foster brother for the music scene in Nashville. Things went well until the day he woke up from a terrible hangover to find the lead singer of their band, dead. Now someone is trying to kill him, and he has no idea who or why.

Private Investigator Serena Jerash is determined to uncover the truth behind Jimmy's death. She believes he was murdered, and soon discovers Trent has become a target, too. The only way to survive is for the two of them to uncover the band leader's secrets. Trent doesn't trust anyone, least of all, himself. Will Serena convince Trent to follow his heart?

Jayme's Journey - Will she ever escape her past?

Jayme Weston has come a long way from the abusive foster home run by the Preacher. Now Caitlyn is living on her own, and Jayme finds herself at loose ends---until she is targeted by several suspicious fires.

Arson Investigator Linc Quade doesn't understand why this fire bug isn't following a typical arson pattern. And the beautiful redhead isn't nearly as forthcoming as he'd like. As the attempts against Jayme escalate, Linc becomes more determined to protect her. Falling in love wasn't a part of his plan. When the arsonist manages to kidnap Jayme, Linc knows time is running out. Will he rescue her, before it's too late?

Caitlyn's Christmas - Will she survive to celebrate Christmas?

When an injured cat runs across the road, Caitlyn rushes to the rescue, only to witness a brutal murder. When the killer sees her, she calls her cop friend Devon Rainer for advice, humbled when he agrees to protect her.

Devon is concerned about Caitlyn's safety, especially after they return to the scene of the crime to find the dead woman gone without a trace. The escalating attacks against Caitlyn, prove the killer intends to keep her from identifying him. Will they survive long enough to celebrate Christmas?

Laura Scott's Bio

I’m often asked when I started writing and I have to be honest, I can’t remember when I wasn’t writing. I loved books as a kid and like many authors I ran out of stories that I liked to read so I began to make up my own. I wrote my first teen novel when I was thirteen and my first romance when I was seventeen. Of course neither manuscript was very good, but I never gave up and after I finished Graduate school I decided to take some time for myself and get back to my writing. I’m so glad I did! I grew up reading faith based books by Grace Livingston Hill so writing for Love Inspired Suspense is a dream come true. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. I currently live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband of thirty-three years. My daughter Nicole is married to a wonderful man named Mike and my son Jonathan is a Registered Nurse at the same hospital where I work. I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful family. I’m a dog lover and had to put my Westie named Mac down a year or so ago. I still miss him but now have a chance to dog sit for my sisters and brother. I try to incorporate pets in my my stories as much as possible In May of 2017 I was the humble recipient of the Wisconsin Romance Writers Lifetime Achievement Award. I’m blessed to be a member of such an amazing group!