Cozy Holiday Escapes

8 Warm Seasonal Short Stories for Cold Winter Nights

by Carolyn Haines, Joanna Campbell Slan, Karen Cantwell, Ritter Ames, Maria Grazie Swan

Ritter Ames

November 1, 2015


Available in: e-Book

Cozy Holiday Escapes
by Carolyn Haines, Joanna Campbell Slan, Karen Cantwell, Ritter Ames, Maria Grazie Swan

Eight light holiday short stories by six bestselling mystery authors—

How the Finches Stole Christmas by Karen Cantwell, a new story in the popular Barbara Marr series. When a new couple moves down the block and Christmas decorations begin disappearing, Barbara investigates in her own humorous way.

Organized for Christmas Wishes by Ritter Ames is a Kate McKenzie Organized Mysteries short story. Kate and Meg sign up for a cookie exchange, and find a new mystery to solve.

Cara Mia Delgatto’s White Christmas by Joanna Campbell Slan, a short story in the Cara Mia Delgatto series. Cara spends Christmas with her new friends in Florida and learns what a recycled, upcycled, repurposed Christmas can mean.

Bones on the Bayou by Carolyn Haines, a Sarah Booth Delaney short story. A hometown Christmas event is tarnished by a practical joke, and Sarah Booth Delaney investigates after a foreign visitor goes missing.

Christmas in Venice by Maria Grazia Swan. Amanda finds she has to do more than pet-sitting over the Christmas holidays when Matilda the tortoise goes missing.

A Dog-Gone Christmas by Leslie O’Kane, an Allie Babcock short mystery. Allie Babcock and her mom are at the airport, heading for a holiday away from home, when Allie notices a dog-switch and has to find a celebrity’s canine.

Kiki Lowenstein and the Secret Santa by Joanna Campbell Slan, a Kiki Lowenstein scrapbook story. Kiki and her scrapbook pals think they’re just having fun with a holiday scrapping party, but there’s more to the Christmas story.

Seasonal Switches by Ritter Ames, a brand new Bodies of Art Mysteries story. Laurel Beacham stops a Christmas crime, and may be gifted something she’s wanted for months―and almost given up on receiving.