The Honeycomb Diamond

by Sara Stamford

Elite Online Publishing

October 11, 2022

ISBN-10: 1956642307

Available in: Hardcover, e-Book, Trade Size

The Honeycomb Diamond
by Sara Stamford

When everyone wants something you have, and they will stop at nothing to take it.

Margarita had it all. Wealth, beauty, status, a loving husband. Or so she thought. In one fateful evening, several days after her husband's accident, she loses everything as her life is plunged into utter darkness. Taken hostage in her London townhouse by a ruthless gang appearing out of nowhere, Margarita is tortured and asked to divulge the location of her extraordinarily rare pink diamond.

After a most suspenseful escape, and under the pursuit of thugs who will stop at nothing to recapture her, she finally finds shelter in what she thinks is an oasis of safety--a secret organization called Honeycomb.

With her troubles seemingly over and protected by people who anticipate and fulfill her every desire and wish, Margarita falls into a rhythm of luxury and peace. But soon, clues begin to point at something far more sinister afoot. Slowly she realizes that the price for her freedom might be far more than she can afford.

Sara Stamford's Bio

Sara Stamford is a fast-rising author celebrating her first novel The Honeycomb Diamond.
Creative and full of purpose-inspired stories, she focuses on often overlooked societal themes and characters, with a keen emphasis on female empowerment, inclusion, reversing stereotypes, and promoting deeper understanding.
Sara's compelling and suspenseful tale showcased in her inaugural novel The Honeycomb Diamond is poised to be a best-seller, applauded by audiences and critics alike.
She currently spends her time between the United States and Europe.