Whispering Bay Cozy Mysteries Box Set

Whispering Bay Mystery Book 1-4

by Maria Geraci

Chihuahua Publishing

April 19, 2020

Available in: e-Book

Whispering Bay Cozy Mysteries Box Set
by Maria Geraci

The first four books in a light hearted cozy mystery series

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Lucy McGuffin is a human lie detector. Her little rescue dog Paco is a ghost whisperer. Together, they solve crime in this laugh-out-loud cozy mystery series!


When Lucy is hired to cater the celebration for the town’s new rec center, she stumbles across the dead body of Abby Delgado, a prominent member of the local Sunshine Ghost Society. Lucy’s brother is implicated in the crime and to make matters worse, the town’s new hotshot deputy, Travis Fontaine, is out to prove himself at all costs. Now, it’s up to Lucy and Paco to figure out what everyone in their quaint little beachside town is hiding.


Murder, muffins and the mob 𔆃 When Joey “The Weasel” Frizzone decides to testify against his mob boss, the FBI place him in a safe house in Whispering Bay. But someone in the FBI has a big mouth, because soon there’s enough wise guys in town to look like a Sopranos reunion. Then someone starts whacking the hitmen. Local cop Travis needs to keep Joey alive long enough to testify, and Lucy wants her quaint little town back, minus the mobsters. Together with her best friend Will, and her little rescue dog Paco, Lucy and Travis set out to find out who’s behind the hits. Bada-Bing-Bada-Boom.


A producer for a reality TV competition that Lucy is determinted to win is found murdered in her kitchen. The murder weapon? One of Lucy’s famous apple walnut cream cheese muffins. The motive? Lucy was about to be kicked off the show. Travis doesn’t believe that Lucy is guilty and he’ll prove it. On his own. Without any of Lucy’s “special” help. But Lucy isn’t about to let her fate rest in the hands of an arrogant cop. With the help of her little dog Paco, she sets out to prove she didn’t do it. Before someone in town gets away with murder.


When highly reclusive best selling author J.W. Quicksilver comes to Whispering Bay for a book club meeting, everyone in town is thrilled. That is, until he’s discovered murdered. Then it turns out that the dead man wasn’t the real deal. Instead, he was a shifty con man running a publishing scam with a mile long list of victims. When the real J.W. Quicksilver becomes the prime suspect in the murder, he turns to Lucy for help. With the FBI and the local cops breathing down their necks, Lucy and Paco have less than twenty-four hours to solve the crime before a big secret ruins all their lives.

**If you like quirky characters, a hint of romance, and adorable dogs, then you’ll love Maria Geraci’s hilarious murder mystery series!**

Maria Geraci's Bio

Author photo by Chris Kridler/ChrisKridler.com Maria Geraci writes quirky, fun, romantic women’s fiction and is a two time RITA® Finalist, Romance Writers of America’s highest award of distinction in the romance publishing industry, as well as a finalist in the National Readers’ Choice Awards. Her books feature strong women, dreamy heroes, lots of laughs and a little bit of heat. She lives in central Florida and is always on the lookout for the perfect key lime pie recipe (but not the kind they served on Dexter).