Lost Under a Ladder

Superstition Mystery #1

by Linda O. Johnston

Midnight Ink

October 8, 2014

ISBN-10: 0738740772

ISBN-13: 9780738740775

Available in: Trade Size

Lost Under a Ladder
by Linda O. Johnston

Is it Luck? Or is it Destiny?

Rory Chasen never
thought superstitions were real—until her beloved
fiancé is killed after walking under a ladder. To
find closure and the truth about superstitions, Rory takes
her dog Pluckie to a town called Destiny, where
superstitious beliefs are a way of life.

visit to Destiny takes an unexpected turn when Pluckie saves
Martha, the owner of the Lucky Dog Boutique. While Martha
recovers, Rory reluctantly agrees to manage the pet shop for
her. But when Martha becomes the prime suspect in the local
bookshop owner’s murder, Rory can’t believe that
the sweet old woman would do it. Convinced the real killer
is still roaming Destiny’s streets, Rory resolves to
crack the case before Martha’s luck runs out.