Monster in the Closet

Baltimore Series Book 5

by Karen Rose


August 29, 2017

ISBN-10: 0399586768

ISBN-13: 9780399586767

Available in: Paperback, Audio, e-Book

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Monster in the Closet
by Karen Rose

The New York Times bestselling author of EVERY DARK CORNER returns to Baltimore, where a father-daughter reunion puts innocent victims in the sights of a stone-cold killer…

Baltimore PI Clay Maynard routinely locates missing children for clients, but his own daughter—stolen by his ex-wife—has eluded him for years. Until she turns up right under his nose…

Since she was a child, Taylor Dawson believed the lie her mother told her: that her father was a monster. But now she has a chance to get to know the real Clay while doing real work as an equine therapist, which includes helping two girls whose mother was brutally murdered. She might even find something deeper with her boss’s handsome son, Ford Elkhart, whose eyes are so haunted. But just as Taylor feels her life opening up to new family, work, and friends, a danger lurks in the darkness—one that will show Taylor the face of true evil…