The Scarlet Pepper

    A White House Gardener Mystery #2

    by Dorothy St. James

    Berkley Prime Crime

    April 3, 2012

    ISBN-10: 042524704X

    ISBN-13: 9780425247044

    Available in: Paperback

    The Scarlet Pepper
    by Dorothy St. James


    As the official organic gardener for the White House, Casey Calhoun is usually up to her elbows in something or other. But when someone starts tampering with the Presidential vegetable garden, she soon finds herself in way over her head.

    As if it wasn’t bad enough that red peppers are growing instead of green ones and cabbage is popping up where the First Lady’s favorite lettuce should be—a hard-nosed investigative reporter is found dead after targeting the President’s unpopular Chief of Staff.

    Raking over the clues and rumors, Casey knows that someone is sabotaging both her garden and the First Lady’s reputation. But when she has one close call too many, Casey realizes that the next thing buried in the dirt might just be her...

    When it comes to gardening, Cassandra “Casey” Calhoun isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. But when it comes to murder, she’s not the kind of gal to let any killer get away clean...