Leaving Lavender Tides (B&N Exclusive Edition)

A Lavender Tides Novella

by Colleen Coble

Thomas Nelson

April 10, 2018

ISBN-13: 9781404106765

Available in: Hardcover

Leaving Lavender Tides (B&N Exclusive Edition)
by Colleen Coble

In this new novel by Colleen Coble, available exclusively at Barnes & Noble for a limited time, Shauna and Zach are on their dream honeymoon—but it turns into a nightmare.

Having narrowly avoided tragedy in their hometown of Lavender Tides, Washington, Shauna and Zach Bannister are finally on a honeymoon cruise through the Hawaiian islands. Lost in the glow of their newfound love, they eagerly anticipate basking in the warmth of the lush tropics.

But soon the newlyweds begin receiving mysterious threats. After Zach survives two attempts on his life — staged as freak accidents — Shauna ominously receives flowers from a stranger.

The lovers become unwitting detectives in an urgent pursuit to discover the identity of their murderous stalker.

Set against the spectacular Hawaiian landscape, Colleen Coble’s lightning-paced story is a haunting journey into a world as remote and hidden as it is beautiful, as spellbinding as it is wondrous.