The Way Out

Proposal Series Book 1

by Anne Powell

Blushing Books

October 18, 2020

Available in: e-Book

The Way Out
by Anne Powell

A woman needing a fresh start. A man with a solution. Sounds simple, right?

Sara’s life has not been easy for the most part. After her mother’s mysterious death, escaping her stepfather, and fleeing an abusive ex, she has decided the only way to feel safe within her life is to change her identity and start over. Easier said than done for a struggling college student. She hears rumors of an experienced attorney who can help with this process and decides to take the chance.

Derek is an experienced and wealthy attorney and is intrigued when he receives an inquiry from Sara. Assisting Sara holds high risks for him but he takes a meeting with her anyway. When he meets the lovely, damaged woman he feels compelled to help her. He offers her a mutually beneficial proposal: She needs an attorney and a fresh start. He needs a ‘girlfriend’ to keep his parents from matchmaking during the social season. He offers her the proposal, will she accept the terms?

This is book one in The Proposal Series and has a happily for now. Book two coming soon.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary unconventional romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of danger, suspense, possible triggers for some readers, adult themes, mystery, sensual scenes, and mild power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Anne Powell's Bio

My name is Anne Powell. I am a Teacher by day, and an author by night. I live in Canada, and it has been my lifelong dream to write interesting stories that not only inspire my audience, but leave them on the edge of their reading chairs. I absolutely love romance but not because it is love-filled, but because of all the sexy, tantalizing, and interesting ways you can show romance through words. I am an avid reader myself, and I enjoy stories with adventure, suspense, and drama. In my spare time, you can find me reading a novel, playing with my pups, and spending time with my daughter and family.