Murder & the Rock Star
by Loulou Harrington


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It’s Saturday night, and tearoom owner Jesse Camden is finally having her first real date with the hunky sheriff Joe Tyler—and it’s going great until a drunk blonde stirs up a fight on the dance floor that escalates in the parking lot and forces Joe into his role as sheriff.

Early the next morning one of the combatants is found murdered in a local B&B, and the drunk blonde turns out to be Myrtle Grove’s hometown darling, Chrissy Blaze, a singing sensation with close ties to half the Garden Club, including Jesse’s own mother. In an investigation awash with suspects, all with reason to want the victim dead, the person Jesse’s hoping to clear becomes suspect number one instead.

As old secrets and new rumors emerge, Jesse struggles to separate fact from fiction, friend from foe, and victim from predator in a race to solve a murder before the tabloids descend.

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