A Grave Mistake

    by Stella Cameron

    MIRA Books

    October 1, 2006

    ISBN-13: 0778323536

    Available in: Paperback

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    A Grave Mistake
    by Stella Cameron

    The First Mistake
    Dead: an ordinary man in a pressed suit and tie. Just the latest in a string of losers in the wrong place at the most disastrous time. Not the kind of case to yank New Orleans homicide detective Guy Gautreaux away from his leave of absence in Toussaint, Louisiana, the only home to offer him a sense of purpose after a tragedy that nearly destroyed his life.

    The Second Mistake
    But there's someone in Toussaint Guy will do anything—even open up a dead cold case—to shelter. Jilly Gable is desperate to find the love of the family who abandoned her as a child. And when the wife of a powerful New Orleans antiques dealer and loan shark—and twisted degenerate—sweeps into town claiming to be her mother, Jilly is all too willing to love and forget.

    The Final Reckoning
    Slowly and methodically, an evil envelops Jilly, and Guy must bare the truth to snatch her back from the edge. Connecting the dots between the Big Easy and Toussaint all but cinches his case, but Jilly and Guy are drawn deeper into corruption, and they have only each other for protection.

    Will that be enough?