A Gala Event

    An Orchard Mystery, Book 9

    by Sheila Connolly


    October 6, 2015

    ISBN-10: 0425275817

    ISBN-13: 9780425275818

    Available in: Paperback

    A Gala Event
    by Sheila Connolly

    The fall harvest may be just about over, but orchard owner Meg Corey is busier than ever planning her wedding to Seth Chapin. Who knew picking apples would be less work than picking out rings and a dress? And even though the happy couple has invited most of Granford, Massachusetts, to the ceremony, they might have to make room for one more guest...

    Ex-con Aaron Eastman has unexpectedly reappeared in his hometown, searching for answers to the tragic fire in his family's past that put him behind bars twenty-five years ago. Moved by his sincerity, Meg vows to do everything she can to help him solve the cold case. As she cobbles together the clues, it becomes increasingly clear that Aaron may have been considered the bad seed of the family, but someone else was one bad apple...

    Includes Delicious Recipes!

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