Blood Debts

    Leonidas the Gladiator Mystery Book 1

    by Ashley Gardner

    JA / AG Publishing

    July 11, 2017

    ISBN-10: 1946455024

    ISBN-13: 978194645502

    Available in: Paperback, e-Book

    Blood Debts
    by Ashley Gardner

    Leonidas, freedman, once the most popular gladiator in Rome and champion of the games, now must fight for his life outside the arena. A man who owed him money was murdered, and Leonidas is a prime suspect.

    With the assistance of Cassia, daughter of a Greek scribe who was bestowed upon him as his slave, Leonidas fights for justice in the back lanes of Imperial Rome.

    Cassia has no idea how to cook and clean or mend and weave, but she is very good at finding things out and writing things down, able to work through a dozen mathematical problems by the time most people can think of a sentence. Knowing both intuitively and empirically that Leonidas is innocent of the murder, she resolves to help clear him of the crime.

    It’s the least she can do for a man who has proved to be far less brutal than his reputation and who protects all who come within his sphere.