The Unseen

    A Parapsychology Mystery

    by Alexandra Sokoloff

    Self Published

    February 21, 2016

    Available in: Audio, e-Book (reprint)

    The Unseen
    by Alexandra Sokoloff

    From thriller award-winning author Alexandra Sokoloff: A
    terrifying novel of suspense inspired by the world-famous
    ESP experiments conducted by Dr. J.B. Rhine in the Duke
    University parapsychology department.

    After experiencing a precognitive dream that shatters her
    engagement and changes her life forever, young California
    psychology professor Laurel MacDonald decides to get a fresh
    start by taking a job at Duke University in North Carolina.
    She soon becomes obsessed with the long-buried files from
    the world-famous Rhine parapsychology experiments, which
    attempted to prove if ESP really exists.

    As she teams up with another charismatic professor, they
    uncover disturbing reports, including a mysterious case of a
    house supposedly haunted by a poltergeist, investigated by
    another research team in 1965. The two professors and two
    exceptionally gifted Duke students move into the grand,
    abandoned mansion to replicate the investigation, unaware
    that the entire original team ended up insane…or dead.

    This is an unabridged Audible audio edition, narrated by
    Talmadge Ragan.

    Originally published June 2010 in mass market paperback
    by St. Martin’s Paperbacks and self published May 2012
    in eBook format.